Peracetic Acid

In addition to being a leading handler of hydrogen peroxide, Seeler Industries operates a state of the art peracetic acid (PAA) blending facility. PAA is composed of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid in an equilibrium solution.

PAA is an environmentally friendly organic peroxide that serves as a sanitizer, sterilizer, and/or disinfectant. Unlike traditional antimicrobial agents (such as bleach or chlorine containing compounds), the use of PAA is highly effective against a wide range of organisms, does not create cancer causing disinfection byproducts (DBPs), is stable in storage, and is minimally pH/temperature dependent. PAA has many applications in the food/beverage, medical, wastewater, pulp/paper industries, and more.

While offering a robust product line that includes EPA and FDA registered products for any application, Seeler Industries also has the ability to toll manufacture federally registered PAA products for those interested in expanding or streamlining current peracetic acid product lines.




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