Seeler Industries understands the importance of membership in organizations that support the chemical industry. As a member of the following organizations, we are able to stay on top of industry trends, legislation, and ever-changing issues in the marketplace. Above all, however, is the benefit of contributing and sharing ideas for the good of the chemical distribution industry as a whole.

The Chemical Distribution Network Alliance Organization is a group of independent distributors with a proven track record of service excellence and stewardship in chemical distribution. We provide a world-class infrastructure with service, care and knowledge of local distributors. With a current network of 22 independently-owned member companies and 51 stocking locations across the United States, and combined revenues of $1.2 billion, our members are established leaders in their areas. The average CDN member has been in business for more than 45 years. We represent over 13,000 satisfied customers, over 300 suppliers, and we are the fifth largest distributor in the CPI Edition of Purchasing Magazine’s list of Top 100 North American Chemical Distributors.
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards gives state-of-the-art procedure specifications for products and services, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Developed through global consensus, they help to break down barriers to international trade.
The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), established in 1971, is an international association of chemical distributors and their supply chain partners. Member companies process, formulate, bend, re-package, warehouse, transport, and market these chemical products for over 750,000 customers.
The Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) is a state-wide business trade group that represents the interests of the chemical industry in the state of Illinois. CICI was first founded in 1951 as the Drug and Chemical Industries Activities Committee (DACIAC) formed by 16 companies with the main objective to promote excellence in education. Today, CICI has 210 members who represent over 700 facilities and employ over 47,000 people in Illinois.
ILTA represents 80 companies and partnerships that operate bulk liquid storage terminals in 49 countries. These facilities are located in ports and along rivers, canals and pipelines. They serve the vital economic purpose of transferring liquid products from one transportation mode to another. Products handled by our members include crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals, renewable fuels, fertilizers, vegetable oils, and other food grade materials.