In addition to being a leading marketer, handler, and terminal for hydrogen peroxide and glacial acetic acid; Seeler Industries has been manufacturing peracetic acid (PAA) in our ISO 9001 Certified, 87 acre, state of the art facility for over 20 years.

Peracetic Acid is composed of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid in an equilibrium solution. Both of these chemicals we source in railcar quantities to assure product availability and the most appealing cost structure.

PAA is an environmentally friendly organic peroxide that serves as a sanitizer, sterilizer, and/or disinfectant. Unlike traditional antimicrobial agents (such as bleach or chlorine containing compounds), the use of PAA is highly effective against a wide range of organisms, does not create cancer causing disinfection byproducts (DBPs), is stable in storage, and is minimally pH/temperature dependent. PAA has many applications in the food/beverage, medical, wastewater, pulp/paper industries, and more.

PAA is available in various concentrations and packaging sizes:

Our Pearl OX™ peracetic acid formulation is an FDA approved antimicrobial for use in direct contact with federally inspected meat, poultry, seafood, and produce processing applications. If used as directed, it will help to reduce contamination and cross-contamination of edible food products. Available in both 15% and 22% concentrations.

5% PAA

EPA registered peracetic acid used in circulation cleaning and institutional/industrial sanitizing of pre-cleaned, hard, non-porous food contact surfaces and equipment such as tanks, pipelines, evaporators, fillers, pasteurizer and aseptic equipment.

12% PAA

EPA registered PAA to treat sewage and wastewater effluent in public and private wastewater treatment plants. Widely used in Europe, 12% PAA is based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide and effectively controls microbial levels in effluent prior to discharge. Additionally, 12% PAA has many claims for use in agricultural, horticultural, potato, pulp/paper, oil/gas, and turf applications.

15% PAA

EPA registered peracetic acid that is an oxidizing biocide with very rapid biocidal action at ambient or cold temperatures at relatively low concentrations. It has broad spectrum activity and is effective over a wide range of conditions. The activity of 15% PAA is relatively unaffected by organic contamination compared to some other oxidizing biocides. No build-up of resistance to 15% PAA is known despite a long history of use in disinfection applications. 15% PAA has been tested against a wide range of micro-organisms.


Have your own EPA registration or Food Contact Notification (FCN)? Seeler has the ability to toll manufacture your PAA (in addition to other blends) with quality and service that is second to none.

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